Investigating Low Carb Beans

Beans are generally not accepted on a keto diet, and are forbidden on the LCHF group diet.

The logic is sound: most legumes are high in carbs.

However, one legume had made it onto the list of acceptable foods: peanuts.

People think they’re nuts. They aren’t. They’re peas.

Another one snuck in: the edamame.

So I did some searching, and found out that there’s a low carb bean called the Black Soy Bean.

I then did this search on Eat This Much:

Sprouting a bean changes its nutritional profile.

The bean, which is a seed, starts to convert its stored starches into sugars, and uses the sugars to grow into a plant. Protein content generally increases.

The following beans look interesting, because the sprouted version contains fewer carbs:

  • Mung bean sprouts
  • Pinto bean sprouts
  • Kidney beans
  • Soybeans

Americans, for the most part, don’t like beans.

Vegetarians, however, often turn to beans for protein. Beans are also the low-cost protein for families trying to stretch their food budget.

So, knowing what beans might be okay to eat, if they are sprouted, would allow more people to practice the low-carb diets.