Chinese Stinky Fermented Tofu – Zero Carbs

I was happy to discover this in my fridge. Fermented tofu has no carbs.

That’s amazing, because regular tofu has a fairly high amount of carbs.

Of course, one serving of this stuff is tiny. A small cube.

Fermented tofu has a strong, funky odor, and an even more intense, salty flavor. It’s like a very soft, very funky cheese. It’s somewhat like miso. Normally, a single cube is smashed into a bowl of rice and eaten, but, we can’t eat rice. What to do?

The Chinese dish on choy is typically served with a sauce made from fermented tofu. You just smash a cube into the liquid that forms in the bottom of the wok.

You can also smear this on other foods, like a strong flavored spread.

Fermented tofu is also called preserved tofu, and is called “fu yu” in Japanese. This food was popular with Japanese people in Hawaii in the early 20th century, and became popular with Japanese Americans in the mid 20th century. Today, it’s not so popular.

This can be purchased at Chinese markets. Other Asian markets may have this as well, but they may not, as it’s mainly a Chinese food.

Preserved tofu is not the legendary stinky tofu street food. Stinky tofu is a fried tofu dish. Stinky tofu is regular tofu that’s soaked in fermented brine for several hours, and then left to age another day.

Fermented tofu is aged for a few weeks to a year.