February 10, 2021 – January 2022

Feb 10

In the afternoon, I felt extremely sad, and couldn’t quite tell why. I just found myself seeing the dark, forlorn side of everything, and felt very alone. (This last part was odd, because I have been having more social contact online than in the past.) I wondered if it’s because I’d been taking 5HTP daily for a couple weeks, and had stopped a couple days.

I was told to log my medications in a book; I’d been doing things like that for a long time, but had lapsed, so I’m going to try and start that up again. My book is like the counterpart to this blog, but private, and on paper.

I did a weigh-in and was at 180lbs on the old bathroom scale. I may be gaining weight.

My blood sugar has been high. It’s in the 105 – 140 range when I meter after meals or in the morning. 112, 123, 108, 125, 119, 144, 109, 167, 141, 130, 134, 133, 106, 118, 115, 119, 116, 153.

Those are mostly after-meal readings, so… it’s OK for the most part, but there are a few big spikes.

My exercise is up, though. I should be logging, but, basically, I scooter to the post office, and walk more. I’m starting to work outdoors again.

February 2021

Growing lemons/citrus was accompanied by growing daikon. I was hoping for large roots, but it failed. I’m getting scrawny roots. I suspect I don’t know what I’m doing!

March 30, 2021

I bought two “L” size shirts, and started wearing them. This is the first time I’ve worn “large” since the 1990s. I think I wore this size in college.

The shirts are a little tight, but not too bad.

I’m also exercising. I’m a total weakling. Here’s my progress for the past few weeks.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

What a horrible year. I’m back at 200lbs. (Clothes on, after drinking a lot of fluids, and eating food.)

For the past three months, my diet has been pretty horrible. I started eating bread or tortillas once or twice a day. Sometimes, I’d eat three. Sometimes, I’ve eaten rice, spiking my blood glucose to around 170mg/dl.

Even before then, I was overeating and exercising less, and again, eating occasional carbs.

The main effect of eating starches is instant weight gain, because the starches are stored, and hold onto water. The water weighs a lot more than the starch. I think it’s double the weight, so you add 1000g of glycogen (similar to starch) and that adds 2000g of water.

I dropped down to 175, so this is a 25 pound weight gain, over around a year.

I could stand to lose fifty pounds.