Trying a New Technique

I had a half sandwich with bread, and a coffee with 1/8 to 1/4 cup of whole milk. My blood sugar 90 minutes later is 162. This is terrible. The total carbs were probably around 40, which is way too high – but that’s what happens.

What’s going on?

I suspect that my loading up on food yesterday, even though it was relatively low carb items, didn’t help. It included a lot of peanuts, probably pushing me over the 50g per day goal by a significant amount.

I’m going to try a new technique: meter first, meter to eat.

I’ll meter myself, and if it’s < 130 in the morning, and < 110 during the day, I’ll give myself permission to eat.

I did this yesterday, and I suspect it helped during the day.

The morning number is higher, because “the dawn effect”, where you boost sugar output (from the liver) during waking, causes a blood sugar rise (and subsequent insulin release).

The later metering is to get back to fasting. Unfortunately, my fasting right now seems to be around 100 mg/dl.