Failing to Meter, Failing to Weigh Correctly with the Bathroom Scale, Starting Up Pound A Week again

I’m not metering before eating, as I had planned. My fasting is down around 100 to 110 now, so I’m back into the lower pre-diabetes range. So, metering, at all, helps… but I haven’t done this meter-before-eating much. Partly, the expense is intimidating.

I also made a measurement error with the bathroom scale. The rug was up under the scale, and was pushing up on the platform. I didn’t notice, and when I weighed myself, I was 180 lbs. Well, it turns out I’m 205 lbs, or 200 lbs, depending on when you weigh me.

A folded up piece of bathroom rug was pushing up on the scale platform.

I have started using Pound A Week again, the Android app to record foods. It’s my favored app, even more than Carb Manager. I eat a pretty low calorie diet, under 2000 calories. My carbs are hitting 50 to 70 g per day, but sometimes more.

The best thing about measuring and recording is being able to see the differences small choices make.