210 Pounds! Yikes.

Most of this is water weight. I measured myself after guzzling several glasses of water, and also after eating, which is mostly water.

It’s still cause for concern. 210 after loading up usually means around 200-205 when I wake up “dried out”.

My belly is huge.

I’ve seen it bigger, of course. I used to weigh 240 lbs.

It’s just a bummer, having lost almost down to 180, and then to be back up. This is my first yo-yo diet experience.

I’m going to start this workout:


It’s all lower body and muscle mass. What I read is that increasing muscle mass makes weight loss easier – and indeed, it was helping before. Thighs are the biggest muscles, as are the legs and ass.

More muscles -> better blood sugar regulation.

Why does more muscle help with blood sugar?

When your blood sugar rises, insulin is produced. Insulin helps the sugar enter the muscles, where it’s stored. Your body regulates the level of blood sugar by putting the excess into muscles.

This sugar stoarge also leads to fat accumulation, but that’s a secondary problem to too-high blood sugar. If you eat to keep the blood glucose low, you won’t produce as much insulin, and won’t store as much sugar, which is converted to glycogen, and also fat.

With more muscle, you also use up more glucose, just because the muscle exists. So, that also helps create a calorie deficit.

Aside from that, lower body strength is helpful with balance.

Bigger legs would also help my belly look a little smaller.


2022-09-16Starting out