TikTok Ravmalik has good content

The guy is basically selling his fiber supplement, but the content he’s created to sell it is good. I think it’s on-point about how we need to focus on keeping blood glucose under control.

I’m not getting any compensation for this link. I just like watching some of his videos because they help me stay aware of what’s important to getting free of metabolic syndrome.

I was not planning to buy his supplement, but, I might, simply because I like the videos.

The fiber technique helps a lot. I have used ground flaxseed and Metamucil to fix a lot of issues:

  • If you are starting keto, you might get constipated. Fiber supplements daily help a lot.
  • If you are trying to reduce eating, starting the day with fiber helps to control hunger. This really helps if you’ve been on a starch binge and need to overcome the cravings.
  • Fiber supplements are supposed to help with cholesterol problems.
  • Flax is good for getting an omega-3 fatty acid boost.
  • I actually like the taste of Metamucil orange. It reminds me of Tang. It gets rid of the sweet tooth cravings.