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  • Ketone Conversion from mg/dL to mmol/L

    There’s some bad info floating around about how to convert units for ketones. The strips show the measurements in mg/dL but some articles about diabetic ketoacidosis list their measurements in mmol/L.

  • February 10, 2021 – January 2022

    Feb 10 In the afternoon, I felt extremely sad, and couldn’t quite tell why. I just found myself seeing the dark, forlorn side of everything, and felt very alone. (This last part was odd, because I have been having more social contact online than in the past.) I wondered if it’s because I’d been taking…

  • Past Patterns of Success

    Back when I was losing weight, I shopped like this: Bulk vegetable purchases at a wholesaler, Canton Foods. Low cost meats at Food 4 Less. Greens from Chinese markets. Occasional shopping at Grocery Outlet. Low carb snacks from Dollar Tree. My recent pattern is like this: Go with my mom to Japanese stores, one is…

  • Get a Food Scale, and use Grams, not Cups, Teaspoons, Ounces, or Pounds.

    Get a Food Scale, and use Grams, not Cups, Teaspoons, Ounces, or Pounds.

    If you don’t have a food scale, get one, now. It’s a game changer. I have a link to some tips, at the end of the article. Most of us, in the United States, don’t use grams, but we should. Why?

  • Microbiome Video

    I like watching psych videos from Dr. Marks. This one was on-topic for this site about diabetes: The probiotic foods mentioned, yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles, and kombucha, help boost good gut bacteria.

  • Konnyaku Notes

    I’m learning to make konnyaku, a kind of hard gel made from konjac root, common in Asian cooking. People on keto diets are often eating the noodle-shaped form, called shirataki or ito-konnyaku (string konnyaku), as a pasta substitute.

  • Trividia TrueMetrix GO Glucometer Review

    An overview of the TrueMetrix GO, a small meter that fits on top of a bottle of strips. Also, a brief review of the two software packages, the True Metrix TrueManager software, and the Tidepool web-based software.

  • Prodigy AutoCode Talking Glucometer Review

    Prodigy AutoCode Talking Glucometer Review

    A review of the talking glucometer, and some software to download data and send it to a website.

  • Ketone Conversion Table

    This quick conversion table will be useful when reading keto forums and keto video comments, because different countries use different units to measure ketones in urine. The US uses mg/dL, and some other countries use mmol/L.

  • Looking at Urine Ketones: Comparing Several Tests Sticks

    Looking at Urine Ketones: Comparing Several  Tests Sticks

    Several posts about ketone test strips that measure ketones in urine.