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  • Thai Iced Tea

    Thai Iced Tea

    Thai iced tea is tea with some milk or cream, sugar, and ice. I tried to make this low carb. It’s basically a few tablespoons of milk, a spoon or two of cream, and 1.5 fake sugars per cup. The stuff is very sweet. The tea is this bag of tea. I thought it was […]

  • 210 Pounds, 222 mg/dl

    210 Pounds, 222 mg/dl

    I just finished eating a huge lunch, including carbs, because my sister came down to visit. Whenever she visits, my mom wants to have a feast, from the local Japanese store, Tozai. So I eat.

  • 200 Pounds

    200 Pounds

    I just hit 200 pounds today. Partly, it’s because I’ve been drinking a lot of water, but whatever, I’m obese again. It took only a few months to get from 185 to 200.

  • Asian Keto Snacks, Low Carb Snacks, Diabetic Snacks

    Asian Keto Snacks, Low Carb Snacks, Diabetic Snacks

    I’ve been looking for diabetic and keto diet compatible snacks, especially at prices that are affordable, and thought that the local Asian market might have some. They did! I’ll start buying them and reviewing them in the coming months. Subscribe to get updates.

  • Chinese Stinky Fermented Tofu – Zero Carbs

    I was happy to discover this in my fridge. Fermented tofu has no carbs.

  • Can Diabetics Eat Potatoes? An Experiment with Small Amounts of Starchy Food

    I was planning to work on cutting some tree branches, so I figured it was a safe time to experiment with eating leftover potato. What I hadn’t planned on was an interruption from my mother, asking to take her grocery shopping.

  • Urine Tasting, Urine Trouble

    This is the post that might get me in trouble, or at least impede my getting a job. I’ve tasted my own urine, and it helped me guess that I had diabetes.